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The Exhibit of Mark Steinmetz Amazing photographic work is at Ogden Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. There are many strong images of people who look like they are from a James Lee Burke book. There is an impact when you see his portraits, of people who live at the hard edges of life. His Work is full of deserted rundown towns in the middle of a nowhere/anywhere southern place. Black and White adds a timelessness to his images. Mark Steinmetz has published several books, photographed in the Southern USA. It is as if he has lived inside the lives of the people he has photographed. While visiting New Orleans and photographing people myself as a outsider, I can see the depth of his work the contact between him and his subjects.

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014, Art or Not http://www.dylan-garcia.co.uk/blog/2014/9/wildlife-of-the-year-art-or-not Wildlife Photographer of The Year: Art or Not?

The level of photographic work is outstanding, but is it's varied style's and subject matter to diverse to be Art? One of the things that would make an exhibition or book of photography Art , would be a personal style or approach that covered a whole body of work. Can photographs of animals be art? I would say yes and look to "A Shadow Falls" book by Nick Brandt as a example of a outstanding wildlife body of work. Why could "a Shadow Falls " be considered art? It has a unifying style and even message, it has a fine sensibility, images are individually outstanding but even stronger as a set. The photographs in Wildlife photography of the year are equally strong as individual images, but do not have the same cohesion of style as work by one person or even a group of people limited by a geographic location. "Paris in the Springtime", an exhibit at Beetles+Huxley, works because even though it is by different photographers, it is all black and white, set in central Paris. It could be that the world's wildlife shot by many different photographers/ styles/ locations is just too diverse to work as a coherent body of Art.  

I would recommend anybody who has the chance to see the exhibit, to see it. I was lucky and saw the exhibition in Winchester Public library, and I was as always impressed by many outstanding images, my favourite being "Eye of a Toad",  by Lukasz Bozycki. 


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Dimbola Lodge House of Angels http://www.dylan-garcia.co.uk/blog/2014/8/dimbola-lodge Dimbola Lodge is a photographic museum dedicated to Julia Margaret Cameron, located in Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight, England. Julia Cameron was a pioneering Victorian photographer. She is considered one of the most important female photographers, together with people like Eve Arnold and Annie Leibovitz. She also features in a number of  lists of top photographers of all time,  regardless of gender. 

House of Angels 

Cameron was primarily a portrait photographer. Due to the technology at the time, which demanded long exposures, her images were posed, but not always formal. She often photographed family and friends, which included the Tennyson (poet) family. She would also recreate scenes from Tennyson's poems, making timeless images of a classic beauty. There is something very ephemeral about her images that makes them stunningly moving and as well as of historic interest.

Her classic photographs include a portrait of Charles Darwin (1868), who was living in the Isle of Wight at the time. An example of her more emotional and sensual work would be the Ellen Terry portrait. Her child angel pictures are very impressive and would stand out in any collection of Art. As always,  there is a different experience of actually seeing the work in person, a quality of the print and age that can only be seen first hand. To sum up this museum is worth a visit and you will see work of historic and artistic merit, which is not available to view anywhere else.


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Genesis Review ( Sabastiao Salgado ) http://www.dylan-garcia.co.uk/blog/2014/7/genesis-review Sebastago Salgado's, Genesis is a massive book so this may be a massive review. While Some people have claimed to need a larger house to fit the book into, I think that this is a slight exaggeration. The book is so large I am reviewing it in sections in the order that they appear in the book.


Planet South

Is a world without humans but plenty of animals, there is outstanding work here and it shows, Antarctica and surrounding area, in a dramatic harsh, life or death kind of way. beautiful yes undoubtedly but a harsh landscape. Also amazing shots of the sea and waves themselves often in stormy conditions. The sea/landscapes are one of the highlights of this book.



The Galapagos part of this section is amazing and a very different way of seeing the Islands The images of the wildlife are outstanding. The tribal part of sanctuaries has some images on studio backgrounds. Salgado is one of the worlds greatest living documentary photographers, but not one of the the worlds greatest portrait photographers. His images of people in Terra, struggle of the landless are much stronger and more outstanding than his studio style images, that are similar to early 19th century ethnographic images. These images take people out of there context and make them look like attractive objects. His work in Terra or Workers has amazing photos of people in the context of there lives and struggles.



The photos of Africa justify there own book or even several books. Some of the sets of work are especially strong. The wildlife set is extra strong, some of the sets of photographs are the strongest park of the book. The African images are the most mythic part of the book. Africa was the first place there were people so we may feel on some deep level that Africa is more mythical than other places. The tribal people of the Russian steps, and the amazon are relatively recent by comparison. The some of the African images feel as if taken out of time. 


Northern Spaces

This section has the best photographs in the book including the cover. My only question is why the American southwest are included other than the fact that they look good. This section is all about the north the Arctic circle, so has no connection with the Grand Canyon. The photos of the North make the whole book worthwhile as they are stunning. The work on the neets reindeer people is outstanding and as good as any of his other work. The Northern landscapes are just as dark and powerful as they should be. 


Amazonia and Pantanal 

The outstanding images are of waterfalls, rivers, mountain rain forests, boats and myst. These are deeply peaceful photographs. The people images are less impresive than the landscape images. The thing with studio style portraits is that they could have been taken in London Tokyo or New York and as such are not a close fit with the majestic wild images of the book. 




Concept Behind the book

It is a interesting feature of this book is it's timelessness. It could have been conceived of a hundred years ago. Genesis translates as the beginning or start of creation. So the book is set in a mythical past. The people in the book all exist now but all developed at different times in human history. We now know that the tribes photographed in the Amazon rainforest only came to exist as we now them now within the last five hundred years, as a reaction to European invasion and diseases, they are the remains of a civilization the shatterd survivers of a biological desaster. They are a true creation of the Modern World. The most ancient people in the book would be the bushmen of Africa whos genetics and life style are truley ancient. 

However on a photographic level the book is a resounding sucess. It could perhaps be several books or even more heavily edited to make it even stronger and to the point. If it had been a book with no people just landscapes and animals it would have been closer to Gensis, which is odd for one of the worlds greatest documentary photographers. However in conclusion while not faulteless it is a great work and his best landscape work to date if not his best documentary work. I will add iceberg castle p21, the river in Alaska ( Front Cover ) to the best photographs i have ever seen.



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The Metropolitan Museum, New York http://www.dylan-garcia.co.uk/blog/2014/6/the-metropolitan-museum-new-york The Metropolitan Museum, in New York, has a amazing collection of various types of art from around the world. The important point is that photography is viewed as just another type of art, like sculpture, painting or Japanese woodblock prints. They have a large Walker Evans and Henri Cartier-Bresson art collection amongst others. Three whole galleries are dedicated just to photography.

As many people take photographs, it is harder to think of photographs as art, compared to a less common activity like woodblock printing. After all, a picture can be taken with just a click of a button.This overlooks the years that a artist needs to develop there own personal style and master there chosen medium. What is harder to understand is the need for an artistic vision. If you lack a artistic vision, then you can be a painter or photographer but not a artist. While not everyone with a camera is Ansel Adams, not every one with oil paints is Pablo Picasso.


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Photographers Gallery High Temple of Art http://www.dylan-garcia.co.uk/blog/2014/5/a-fine-art-photography-blogg Photographers Gallery London 


This is a amazing place and is one of the high temples of photography in the World. The most impressive and outstanding work I saw, on my last visit, was Richard Mosses amazing "Infrared War Landscapes". These were printed large and a different experience from seeing his work on the web or in a book. A live viewing is strongly recommended.

Some people take the line that he is subverting war photography by his use of infrared film. However, I would rather say he has created a strong and interesting body of work. This is more important than the discussion if  he has subverted a style of photography or not. 

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